ZIPDOOR-Instructional Page & Review for Zip Wall

ZipDoor by ZipWall

Updated 2/4/13

Do you want a very easy way to keep dirt and dust in your remodeling to a minimum, then use the ZipDoor by ZipWall.ZIPDOOR

Keeping your remodeling project clean and dust free doesn’t get any easier than by simply installing a ZipDoor. Installed in about a minute, you save a lot of time over the conventional way which was tape and plastic. The ZipDoor is also reusable which makes this product even better. Once you are finished using the ZipDoor, simply fold it up and use it for the next remodeling project.

If you are a contractor, homeowners will love the fact that you are taking the extra step and installing a unique product such as ZipDoor or any ZipWall product for that matter. Homeowners, save yourself hours just from less clean up and from not having to constantly rehang the basic plastic barrier that is usually hung with painters tape. You know that never works.READ MORE



ZipWall Dust Containment Instructional Video

ZipWall Dust Containment Video

Updated 2/1/13

Learn how easy it is to set up zipwall containment barriers. This zipwall instructional video will show you exactly how easy it is to set up a zipwall barrier. In just minutes you will have a secure area to work in without the worry of contaminating the surround area nor the cleanup that usually follows without using this system.


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