Zip Wall- The Best Dust Barrier System


This Blog Was Updated 2/12/13

Zip Wall dust barriers system kits can be purchased in just a basic kit or you can purchase additional add on’s separately or as an all in one kit. Which Zip Wall system is right for your remodeling project? Let’s take a look at the Zipwall 4PL Plus Kit with Carry Bag, 4-Pack.ZipWall 4PL Plus Kit with Carry Bag

Remodeling can get quite messy, dusty and dirty. Anyone that has remodeled before knows the painstaking process of hanging plastic and hoping that it doesn’t fall down while the project is underway. Take a look at the ZipWall 4PL Plus Kit with Carry Bag, 4-Pack.I like this kit because it comes with 4 poles that you can build a dust barrier up to 30′ if needed. With the 4 spring loaded poles, this kit allows you to build even a couple of dust barriers since it comes with 4  in the kit.I also like the 2 foam rails that are included as well. They help seal the barrier without the use of tape, stapling or wood cleats. In seconds the foam rails clip onto the spring loaded Zip Poles. It that easy. If you need an access panel to leave and enter the sealed area, included are a box of Zip Wall Zippers that easily install onto the plastic barrier. When you are done, the Zip Wall kit comes in a easy to store carry bag where you can pack the kit up and store nicely for your next project.READ MORE

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