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Updated 2/3/13

zipwall-3.jpgGearing up your company with dust barriers and containment systems can take a lot of research. If you are interested in purchasing a dust containment system then the ZipWalls Systems are the way to go.  Hear I will provide a few tips on the very basic dust containment systems to get you started.

This Zip Wall edition will focus on the very basic of dust barriers. If you are about to work on a site that has an archway or hall etc., you will need to cover and prevent any dust from filtering into the non-work area. Hence, the ZipWall ZipPole ZP4 Low Cost Spring Loaded Pole Kit is the answer. This kit is very affordable and offers 4 poles that extend up to 10’3″ ceiling height.

Without tape or ladders, you can install your dust barriers in minutes single handed. That is the beauty of this system. There is no mess, fuss or fight. Just install the plastic on the each pad and lift into position each spring loaded pole and that’s it. Prior to using a dust barrier system like this, you would get stuck using a lot of tape or wood cleats. With the spring loaded pole system, this eliminates all that.

This is great for a hallway, arch, dividing a room, or even setting up a dust free storage area within your home for the storage of home furnishings etc. READ MORE

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