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ZipWall Systems Products

Updated 2/4/13

Are you interested in finding information on ZipWalls. Are you looking to buy ZipWall system products? Then you have come to the right place.

One thing about the internet is that there is just way too much information. When it comes to choosing which site or the best information to read, there are a lot of sites that offer but I find that the information is not complete. Here I am providing direct links to some of the most popular ZipWall products that both homeowners and contractors like to purchase.

ZIPDOOR                ZIPWALL ZDS Zip Door Standard Doorway Dust Containment Kit

The ZipWall ZipDoor is a great addition to your dust containment arsenal. Set it up in less than a minute and it will keep the dust contained.

double sided tape

                                      ZipWall 1″ x 60″ Double Sided Tape – T160

ZipWall systems has created this special double sided tape specifically for the zipwall zipdoor. Install the zipwall tape round the perimeter of the door opening. Peel off the protective layer. Now simply press the zipdoor onto the exposed ziptape and that is it. Within 1 hour, your door is ready to use.

ZipWall ZipPole ZP2                          ZipWall ZipPole ZP2 Low Cost Spring Loaded Pole, 2-Pack
This ZipWall ZP2 “LOW COST” dust barrier system is the basic of basic. Great for GC’s or homeowners. Sets up in less than 1 minute and creates a great dust barrier. Also, if you have work that needs barriers throughout the home at different times, you can assemble and disassemble very quickly saving valuable time.

zipwall SLP2                                       ZipWall SLP2 Spring Loaded Poles, 2-Pack

The ZipWall SLP2 is the very basic of the zipwall systems dust containment kits. This SLP2 system is the same as the ZP2 above but a heavier guage. Here you will get 2 spring loaded poles and the necessary accessories. With this kit, you will be able to install one dust barrier for a wall opening, doorway etc.


ZipWall 4PL Plus Kit with Carry Bag                                       ZipWall 4PL Plus Kit with Carry Bag, 4-Pack

The ZipWall 4 pole plus kit with carry bag in my opinion is a great deal dollar for which can dollar. You get 4 poles which can be used on an even larger arch or 2 small openings. Included are 2 dust rails. With the provided clips, you can attached the foam dust rails to the zippole and the plastic will be snug to the walls. Also included with this zipwall system is a box of zipdoors.

ZipWall KT20 20-Feet Pole and Jackdust barrier system                                     ZipWall KT20 20-Feet Pole and Jack, 2-Pack

If you need to install a dust barrier in a room that has up to 20’ceilings then the ZipWall KT20 system is perfect to make your job easy. Don’t worry about a ladder, the poles extend all the way up. Just insert the plastic onto the clips and lift the spring loaded pole up to the ceiling and set in place.No tapes, ladders or cleats.

ZipWall RLPK Caution Tape Reel Pack                                         ZipWall RLPK Caution Tape Reel Pack

The ZipWall Reel Pack adds a professional look to any job site not to mention the added precaution of safety when you insert the Caution tape which alerts others that there is work going on.

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