ZipWall Tips- A great way to use your Zip Wall dust barrier.

Zip Wall Barriers

This Blog Was Updated 2/1/13

Zip Wall barriers put an end to messy dust floating around your remodeling project. Home owners love the zip wall dust containment systems because it eliminates any dust from floating around the home. One great use for the zipwall system is simply to use it to secure a dust free storage area in your home while the construction in underway.zipwall2

Have you been thinking about putting your home furnishings in storage while the remodeling project is underway? Storage can be very expensive not to mention the fact that you have to pack everything up and haul it down to storage. Here is a great tip.zipwalls

Set up a dust free zone or area within your home using the zipwall system. Transfer all your furnishings into that dust free area and then install the zipwall barriers around the storage area. Finally, install the zipwall zipper system for easy access in and out of your secured zipwall area.

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